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Tutorhub is a UK-based online service where students and school kids can get the all-important tutoring help that makes a big difference to their learning.

We all learn at different times and speeds and we understand that learning happens at home as well as at school. We also know learners have a million questions and that's where Tutorhub comes in. There are two ways that we provide help:

Arrange private one-to-one lesson with a tutor of your choice. Ask a question, then sit back and wait to hear from our online community of tutors and students. If you were to design tutoring as a concept from scratch, you’d design it this way:

  • You buy minutes of tutoring time which you use as you need, whether that’s in 9 minute or 90 minute chunks
  • Access a national database of tutors, without the hassle or expense of travelling to them
  • Use our online classroom to interact with the tutor
  • Automatically keep a record of the lessons for easy reference
  • If you're a parent, you take control of the entire account, check profiles, view completed lessons and manage payments – which gives total peace of mind.



Is the website child-safe?

For our younger students, we have child safety policies and procedures in place that fully reflect industry best practice.

We continue to develop the website based on advice given by independent child safety specialists.


Got a question? Looking for a quick answer?

You’re not obliged in any way to formally arrange online tutoring. The website includes a free-to-use Q&A Hub which is a community forum where students can ask questions of other students and tutors. All you have to do is ask a question.

Depending upon the nature of your question, a tutor or fellow student may respond with the answer. We’ll email any correspondence as well as including it on this page. Alternatively, tutors may respond to tell you about how they can help, and offer an introductory lesson to get to know them.

How long you wait to hear back depends upon who’s online at the time.


Who are the tutors?

All tutors are UK-based, DBS or CRB checked and experts in their chosen subjects. Most are working teachers, lecturers, academics and university under/post-graduates.

Tutors set their own rates based on their experience and subject areas. They work at home or from their university offering you flexible lesson times.

We have the largest selection of registered tutors in the UK, so we attract the best quality, in all shapes and sizes, covering all range of subjects and specialisms. Find a Tutor here.


Why do I have to pay for online tutoring?

Your tutor will provide you with a valuable professional service, just like a traditional face-to-face tutor. You are paying for your tutor's time, expertise and skill. A key difference is that our tutors charge by the minute so you only ever pay for the help you need. This flexible approach makes online tutoring a cost-effective alternative.


What if I'm unhappy with my online tutor session?

There may be rare occasions when your tutor session doesn't meet your expectations – neither Tutorhub nor the tutors want this to happen. Rest assured we will refund your account in this instance. If there is a disagreement with a tutor, we will be guided by our money back pledge.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. Online tutoring sessions are provided on a pay as you go basis.


What happens if I run out of credit?

You credit your account before you start your online tutor session, and you are charged for the time used at the end of the session. Don't worry if you run out of credit mid-session, we will give you the opportunity to top up your account and carry on. Your unused credit stays in your account ready for your next session.


Should I be worried about money in my account?

When you pay money into your account we use a trusted third party online payment provider and we don't keep your account details on our website.


Will Tutorhub work on my web browser?

Tutorhub video lessons use a new technology called WebRTC, which currently works in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Tutorhub lessons will work with Internet Explorer 9 or newer, but you will be prompted to follow a set of online instructions to download and install a plugin to allow WebRTC video to function.

Safari does not currently provide support for WebRTC, and you will be unable to run Tutorhub video lessons on this browser.


I am a tutor, how do I join up?

Join up on our tutor page. You must be DBS or CRB checked, and based in the UK. You will also need a Paypal account to get paid. Please note that the final decision regarding eligibility for registering as a tutor for this service rests with Tutorhub.


Any questions before you join up?

If you have any other questions about Tutorhub or how to join up as a tutor or student, let us know by using the 'Customer Support' button at the bottom of the page and we'll get on to it right away.


Do you have terms and conditions and privacy policies?

Yes, you can find our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You may also be interested in our Staying Safe Online page and our money back pledge.


Why should I use Google Chrome in lessons?

Google Chrome provides the best WebRTC video experience. It has the best quality video and is the most stable platform for video lessons.


Why should I use a headset or headphones?

If you don't use a headset or headphones then you may encounter problems with keyboard noise and echo. This can be very distracting during a lesson.

Headsets can be purchased for around £10 from places like Amazon.


Automatic set-up

When contacting a tutor and before starting a lesson, you will be asked to complete an automated computer set-up process.

Worry not, as Tutorhub automatically detects which browser you are using. If you are using a browser which does not support WebRTC you will be prompted to choose a different browser. You may be able to continue if you wish, but please be aware that you may not be able to use all of the features available within the classroom.

Tutorhub also has a system checking facility that allows you to record a short video clip to confirm that your microphone and webcam are functioning correctly before starting a lesson.


Any Classroom tips?

Remember to put on your headset before the lesson starts. Adding it during the lesson will require you to complete the setup process again, which you can only do outside of a live lesson.

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